Search engine traffic is the percentage of individuals (traffic) who visited your website or webpage. Generally, web analytics programs or tools help calculate a site section or web page’s search traffic. The higher the number of visitors, the better the chances of ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

There are numerous effective techniques businesses can use to improve web traffic. And, link building is one such technique that helps drive traffic. Let’s learn about the same in detail! 

What Is Link Building?

High-quality links to your website are one of the top-ranking factors of Google. These can be acquired using a link building campaign, the process of actively getting links from other websites back to yours. 

To put it simply, when different websites link to your website, the search engine algorithm will determine the site’s authority. It will indicate that you are offering high-quality and valuable information, and that’s why other websites are referring to you. 

However, getting links is easier said than done. According to statistics, 41 percent of search engine optimization (SEO) experts believe link building to be quite a challenging part of SEO. Some reports also state that 94 percent of the world’s content gets zero backlinks. Furthermore, only 2.2 percent of the content receives quality links from multiple websites. Taking this into consideration, it becomes essential to hire a white-hat link building service. 

What Is a Link Building Service? 

A link-building service is a company or agency that helps you expedite the backlinks to your website. It might sound great; however, finding an authoritative and genuine service provider can be challenging. It is essential that the company you select is white-hat and focuses on quality. To help you with this task, we’ve written below the best six link building services you can rely on. 

Best Link Building Services

Understand that link building is a broader concept, incorporating numerous other tactics. You need to select a service that helps you accomplish your end goal. 

Seeking help from editorial link building companies is suitable for those who want to outsource all their link building efforts. It will help business owners and marketers save time, while the specialists or experts will use numerous strategies to connect with high-authority websites and get quality links. 

Nevertheless, as lin -building companies provide a range of services, you must consider the following factors while outsourcing:

Provide Analysis: The success of a link building campaign does not depend only on the placement of links. Instead, the type of website, the webpage you want to target and the competitor’s performance also play a crucial role. Experts suggest conducting regular website analysis before formulating any strategy. The professionals must also help you develop the plan and set objectives to help improve your website’s domain authority naturally.

Pricing: There is no one-size-fits-all approach for link building campaigns. The requirements and resources of every business are different. That’s why make sure that the link building company you select does a comprehensive assessment for pricing and costs. The evaluation is generally based on complete on-site and off-site analysis of published content and links. It also includes competitive analysis to determine the apt budget for a campaign.

Case Studies: An authoritative white-hat link building company will have case studies to showcase the work. It will also help you learn about the company’s methods for campaign success. It would be best if you also looked for testimonials or customer reviews to get an insight into the company’s working practices and team.

In short, select the company that focuses on client satisfaction and offers results. 

Outreach Platform Like Pitchbox

Outreach platforms help businesses connect with the relevant bloggers or websites via emails. They enable them to pitch their request for getting backlinks. This type of service is ideal for marketers who manage in-house link building. It allows them to save time on sending emails and follow-ups. 

However, this service might not be ideal for small businesses or those who do not have in-house marketing teams. It’s wiser to look for white-hat link building companies to help handle the blogger outreach and ensure quality backlinks. 

Freelance Gigs From Fiverr 

Fiverr is one of the world’s largest platforms for freelance digital services. From SEO to app development, businesses can find countless services that can help facilitate their daily operations. It is a platform that can help small businesses micromanage their tasks using freelance or outsourced services. 

The connection between the freelancer and the company is limited to the said project. Once the work is done, it is up to the company whether or not they want to continue with the same individual or not. 

However, finding quality gigs on this platform is quite a challenging task. You might end up finding useless or spam gigs, which can lead to a waste of resources, time and frustration. Some gigs may also require you to pay in advance for the service; thus, the risk associated with this platform is also high. So, make sure to practice due diligence while searching for freelance gigs. 

Help A Reporter Out

Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is a platform that allows journalists and reporters to find sources in a particular subject matter. Here, sources could be businesses or individuals. Becoming a source for a journalist’s story, i.e., providing insight about your field, can help your website get high-quality backlinks

Basically, numerous well-known newspapers, magazines and online portals request useful information from the experts. If you answer their request, they will feature your opinion or suggestion within the article and give you a source link back. 

Even so, it is essential to know that chances of getting featured are higher only if you answer the request quickly. There is no “set and forget” option. Instead, consistent efforts are required. 

Private Blog Networks

As the name suggests, Private Blog Networks (PBNs) are a network of websites that helps place a high quantity of links to a specific website. Generally, marketers use this service to control their link building strategy completely. In simple terms, the marketers will know where the links are coming from. 

But, it is crucial to understand that a high “number” of links might also include low-authority or poor-quality sites. The Google algorithm can recognize these poor-quality backlinks. It can cause trouble for your website leading to penalties. Not to mention, the results obtained from this service are generally short-term. 

Infographic Design Company

According to a recent survey, approximately 49 percent of marketers consider visual content a crucial marketing strategy aspect. Visual content includes infographics and videos published either on the business’s own website or any other site. Additionally, in the last four years, the use of infographics has increased by nearly 67 percent. It allows the reader to understand and retain the information more efficiently. 

That’s why numerous businesses are taking services from infographics design companies. The companies handle the entire process, i.e., coming up with an idea, doing research work, finding data and creating the design. Once the design is complete, you can publish it on the website and share it on social media, which will help attract the audience and bloggers. However, you must know that infographics are a hit or miss. They might go viral on social media and attract organic and referral traffic or completely go under the radar.

To Sum Up

Link building is an effective strategy to boost targeted traffic and rank higher on SERPs. Yet, it requires consistent efforts to achieve the desired results. Seeking help from link building services is the faster and more efficient way of achieving the backlink profile you want. So, make sure to only connect with companies offering white-hat link-building services and focus on niche-driven campaigns.