Two out of 10 people will click on a link based on the title. Whether you are creating an email, a social media post, a blog post, a video or a podcast, you need a compelling headline. A good title can improve your content’s search engine optimization (SEO) ranking, impressions and click-through rate (CTR).

Knowing that your headline is your best weapon to attract readers, I gathered 15 headline tools for your next marketing campaign. These title-generating tools will also help you create topic ideas. 

1. Sharethrough

Sharethrough allows you to create a topic that captures attention based on engagement and impression score. You can focus on the number of characters and the word count while using the free tool.

This tool will be more beneficial for advertising and blogging post titles.


Plus, you can always keep track of your research history to know what you did and how you can improve. The headline quality algorithm score focuses on neuroscience, advertising research and Behavior Model Theory. 

2. Capitalize My Title

This free headline analyzer tool gives you a readability, SEO and sentiment score. 

Capitalize My title

Capitalize My Title allows you to learn how to improve your readability and make your title more SEO-friendly.

The tool explains why titles that evoke strong emotions, whether positive or negative, tend to have higher CTRs. 

Besides, with this headline analyzer, you will learn how to use compelling power words.

3. Monster Insights

Are you looking to create an SEO-friendly topic for your blog post?

With Monster Insights, you can create irresistible, SEO-focused headlines that generate traffic and rank higher on Google. 

Monster Insights

This free SEO headline analyzer gives you more credibility and allows you to learn more about writing compelling titles. 

If you have a WordPress website, you can use the paid version plugin to get everything inside to improve your title without leaving the page.

4. Advance Marketing Institute

Since 2002, Advance Marketing Institute by Dr. Hakim Chishty has focused on helping marketers and sales professionals improve their interaction with analysis and emotional marketing value. 

With this free headline analyzer tool, it’s all about evoking emotional, intellectual and sometimes, even spiritual responses. 

Advance Marketing Institute

Each time you create a title, you get a percentage that determines how much emotional, spiritual or intellectual value the topic will have for your readers.

5. Tweak Your Biz

Tweak Your Biz is a title generator for articles and blog posts. 

All you have to do is just put your keywords, choose the kind of result you want and voila, you get 100 idea topics from List, best, how-to, questions, love, celebrities, secret, business, motivation, etc.

Tweak Your Biz

Take advantage of the free tool to get plenty of new ideas to play with.

6. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Isn’t it cool to write titles that drive traffic, shares and search results?

This headline analyzer from CoSchedule gives you a way to write powerful titles backed with headline and SEO scores. 

Coschedule Headline

In addition to suggesting different keyword variations and related questions, the tool helps you reach a wider audience.

Coschedule has a free and paid version. You can improve your SEO score by purchasing the paid version and using the tool more efficiently.

7. IsItWP

Write irresistible SEO headlines by utilizing this headline analyzer tool

IsItWP provides you with a visual representation of your headline in Google search results. The tool evaluates on a scale of 1-100 to improve SEO, readability and sentiment scores.


At the bottom of the results page, you can find more information on how to write compelling SEO titles for your website, and it’s completely free.

8. Hubspot Title Generator

This handy tool thinks and generates ideas for you.

All you have to do is write a word keyword, and it will give you five ideas for free.

Hubspot Title Generator

As a bonus from Hubspot, if you want to learn more about modernizing your SEO strategy, you can also access a year’s worth of blog ideas for free.

9. Portent Title Maker

Create captivating blog posts, podcasts and videos with Prompt’s Content Idea Generator. 

With a few keystrokes, the Idea Generator generates creative titles and advice to help you take your topic to the next level. 

Portent Title Maker

You can use Portent’s Content Idea generator to create titles for your next social media marketing campaign.

10. Optin Monster

This headline analyzer tool by Optin Monster offers compelling headlines that boost your traffic and search rankings.

It takes three steps for the tool to check your headline:

  1. You submit your title to check its emotional value.
  2. It will tell you how to improve your headline in order to earn a higher rating.
  3. You generate different ideas and redefine your headline until you find the perfect one for engagement.

Optin Monster

Plus, you can find the free and paid version.

11. SEOPressor

Write winning headlines with a blog title generator tool created by SEOPressor. The tool lets you create a title based on the keywords you provide. You can also define or classify your keywords (e.g., generic, branded, location-based).


After you’ve pasted your keywords, click on “Generate Titles” to get more than 1,000 SEO blog titles ideas to boost search results.

12. Buzzsumo

Most marketers use BuzzSumo to generate ideas. With the free version, you can use the content analyzer tool to search keywords, refine results, analyze data and insights and compare results. 


But with the paid version, you will have access to trending topics, enhance your blog post with top-performing keywords and generate countless copy ideas for any topic.

13. Inbound Now

Do you lack inspiration? Well, this site is for you. Inbound Now helps you kill writers’ block. The ideas already exist on the web. 

Inbound now

14. The Hoth

It is impossible to create a good headline without identifying the blog’s goals, the target audience, the search query and the brand name. 

Knowing these elements allows you to determine how to create a compelling topic. 

The hoth

Based on the data you provide, the free title generator from the hot will generate and suggest blog title ideas and reduce your stress in seconds.

15. Content Row

You can use this headline generator to get headlines for blog and YouTube titles. You only have to enter one or two words to get headline suggestions. You can also use the tool to write your article or blog post.

Content Row

With Content Row’s free version, you get three headline analyzers per day and access to other tools. You can find features such as headline analyzer, headline generator, topic follower, trending topics, word counter and case converter.

What Is the Best Headline Tool To Use?

Each of these tools has a specific role. 

For strictly SEO purposes, you can use Monster Insights, Capitalize My Title, Coschedule and IsItWP. 

But for marketing collaterals like email, you can use tools like Advance Marketing Institute, Optin Monster and Sharethrough.

And for blog title inspiration, you can try The Hoth, Content Row and SEOPressor.

To generate content calendar topics for social media posts for your campaign, you can use tools like Tweak Your Biz, HubSpot title generator and Portent title generator.

But for most marketers, bloggers and content creators, the best way to decide which tool to go for it’s by testing them, one by one.