Building a strong backlink profile is still relevant this year and will remain a priority for most marketers in the future. The process is quite complicated because every year, it becomes more and more difficult to please search engines to help promote your website. In this regard, specialists have to make a lot of effort, constantly monitor the rules and trends that are being formed in this area to build strategies guaranteed to bear fruit. 

At first, it was important to get search engines to notice you through the massive use of links. That is, it was necessary to achieve a large number of references. Now, the decisive factor is the emphasis on the quality of mentions and how organically they fit into the big picture and how useful they can be for users. 

Because of this, search engine optimization (SEO) professionals now need to invest much more time, effort and ingenuity to achieve the results they want. However, over time, strategies emerge that prove to be effective. We will talk about them in this article, and after reading, you can start implementing them in your work. 

The Most Effective Strategies

Emphasis on Creating Useful Content 

Emphasis on creating useful content

There are so many hows and whys, and content that can answer some questions or help solve problems is valuable. If you can create content that is of particular interest to a specific category of audience, where links to your website help answer a question of interest, then you should do it. 

There’s one factor that needs to be taken into account: It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel. You do not need to look for niche topics; you just need to offer a new solution to an existing problem and tell how you can help solve it and what makes you unique.

Expand Your Outreach

expand your outreach

The editors of most sites are interested in entertaining and informing their audience, so they will be happy to link to you if you are of interest to them and your content helps solve certain problems. 

If you constantly build and expand the base of web resources where your content can be valuable to a certain audience, you should start establishing a relationship with such web resources. In this manner, you may provide them with useful data in exchange for backlinks to your page. Search engines will be more ready to promote you if they regard you as an expert in a specific area of influence. 

Another advantage of such an approach is that it allows you to appeal to a wider spectrum of people, allowing you to broaden your target audience. 

Tactics to consider: 

  • Provide new fresh material for other web resources.
  • Examine previously published information to see if a link to you can be inserted into it.

This method will not only help you advertise your site and reach a new audience, but it will also help you create relationships with other experts in the industry. As we all know, networking is quite important these days. 

When contacting site editors, you should: 

  • Make your message as narrow as possible; cut the fluff.
  • This message should be concise and informative; that is, immediately go to what is important.
  • Give a reason why your website is valuable to mention.
  • Immediately indicate the anchor and highlight the paragraph where it should be mentioned. 

Become Interesting for News Resources 

news resources

A huge number of users start their day by reading and watching the news. In this regard, the mention in the news articles will be the most effective. However, you can’t just ask to be mentioned. To do this, you need to give a good reason why they should choose you.

You can: 

  1. Arrange a large-scale event that will be worthy of attention.
  2. Make a press release about the release of a new product line or expand the list of services.
  3. Engage in charity or organize a charitable foundation.
  4. Find new partners with whom you will work closely in a new field.

Don’t Forget the Technical Side

showing 404 page

You can create a huge amount of content: Provide new fresh materials or supplement existing ones. However, you can discover one day, while there is no shortage of materials, there are zero results. The truth may lie in the fact that your links have broken or that your web pages have stopped responding and functioning. At the same time, no one except you will double-check that everything is in working order. 

In this regard, you should: 

  1. Examine any content where your links are cited regularly. It’s critical to keep track of such resources and use a broken link checker to double-check your links. 
  2. Check for errors on web pages and restore or replace them with more relevant ones.
  3. Get rid of redirecting users from one URL link to another as much as possible.
  4. Update links when using a new security protocol. 


It is not possible to use one strategy all the time as search engine policies are constantly changing. It is important to keep abreast of trends in your field and start creating and implementing updated strategies as quickly as possible.