Project Description

Delight Foundation, a secular Orphanage is started with a notion and burning desire to bring change in the world of HIV kids and orphans to accomplish a social goal by adopting, connecting in serving their requisites. We believe in accepting the present realty and help kids roll into their future prospectus. Our Foundation is here to create a feeling of oneness and a sense of pride that we are one along with you traveling together in your journey. Our world symbolizes love, joy, care and compassion. We have inherent qualities and take initiative to develop the same in our group such as humanitarian skills, empowerment and self-esteem. Children’s taken into our home are rest assured with the fundamental amenities and essentials for their day to day living besides education, parental guidance, medical facilities etc. In other words to say we see to that psychological, safety and social needs are met i.e. we follow Maslow’s Hierarchical Chart for the complete upbringing of the kid.

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