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1. Lord Krishna Says Surrender to me i will free you from all sins and provide you Salvation. Geeta18/66

As per Lord Krishna above statement we have prepared few lessons on philosophy to destroy sins, get in salvation and to get in divinity.

2. Lord Shree Krishna Says to Arjun in Chapter3/3rd Verse Chapter20 Verse 15, Chapter6/14. Hay Nispap Arjun. It Passess over through our head. We never give attention how Lord Krishna calling Arjun “Nispap” If Arjun is Nispap How could we be Sinner ?

3. Lord Shree Krishna Says to Arjun in 11th Chapter you cannot see me through these eyes. Hense i Provide you the Majestic eyes.

We also Cannot see God Through these eyes, we also require majestic eyes to see him. We will not be able to see God with out Majestic Eyes.

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