Hard and fast – that’s how the Google May 2022 core update hit rankings, according to data collected by tracking tools. In keeping with tradition, Search Engine Land (SEL) and several data providers, including Semrush and RankRanger, looked at its impact on search rankings immediately after the launch on May 25. 

Findings revealed that the effects were “significant and hit fast.” Within 24 hours of rollout, tracking tools picked up a burst of initial ranking volatility comparable to the November 2021 core update. Only this time, fluctuations didn’t stabilize significantly after that first uptick in activity and overall seemed more impactful than the November update.

According to Semrush’s SERP volatility sensor, activity predictably peaked on May 26 (24 hours after the launch), scoring 9.4/10 (Very High) on its volatility scale. A similar activity level could be observed on RankRanger’s Rank Rink Index, which showed a risk level of 87 (the highest it’s been all month) on the same day.

Here are other notable findings: 

  • 17 percent of the new top 20 results after the May 2022 update came from position 20 and higher (Semrush)
  • May 2022 update’s average position fluctuations were higher than the November 2021 update (RankRanger)
  • Retail, out of all verticals, seemed to be the most affected by the update (RankRanger)
  • Real estate, compared to other niches, “saw a significant shake-up” (Semrush)

The issue with broad core updates (and this is something we like to point out here) is that it’s hard to identify and isolate what you need to do to recover your rankings. This is because core updates, by design, are not targeted to specific areas and elements on your site. Often, ranking changes do not signal that anything is wrong with your pages. So if you’ve been hit negatively by the May 2022 update, we advise taking a step back and examining your site from a holistic perspective to see how you can improve overall site quality. When in doubt, refer to Google’s list of questions to ask and make a checklist of things that you believe need to be addressed about your site performance based on these questions.

In any case, we hope you’ve had a positive experience with this recent update and will continue to do so in the future.

More SEO News You Can Use

Google Releases Author Makeup Best Practices: If you’re using Article markup for your news posts and articles, this documentation update is for you. This new Author markup guide is intended to help authors enhance their appearance in Google search results by helping Google understand and represent authors better. The best practices outlined five points: 1.) including all authors in the markup, 2.) using the appropriate author type, 3.) identifying multiple authors (where applicable), 4.) using all available additional fields and 5.) only specifying the author’s name in the author.name property. As we know, publishers should aim for rich results on Google to drive engagement and clicks from the search results. With the new best practices guide, it’s easier to make sure you’re following Google guidelines and showing up in the results properly. 

Digital Marketing Agency NP Digital Buys AnswerThePublic: NP Digital, an agency co-founded by prominent marketing influencer Neil Patel, has bought a keyword research tool we all know and love, AnswerThePublic. All the tool’s current features will remain available to users via the website and the app, with only a couple of notable changes so far. The phrase “by UberSuggest” has been added under the AnswerThePublic’s logo in the main navigation, and we can now see Patel’s face on the dancing robot on the homepage. UberSuggest is NP Digital’s freemium keyword research tool and carries over 30 billion keywords and 50 trillion backlinks worldwide. This new acquisition means UberSuggest’s 3 million monthly users (and AnswerThePublic’s 1 million) can now access unique insights, functions and features of each tool via either platform to develop their SEO and content marketing strategies. 

Enterprise SEO Platform seoClarity Acquires RankSense: Another exciting acquisition in the SEO space: On June 1, seoClarity, an AI-driven enterprise SEO and content optimization platform, announced that it has acquired RankSense, the “world’s leading SEO automation solution.” RankSense technology will be integrated into seoClarity’s ClarityAutomate platform, building the most comprehensive SEO technology to “test, execute and automate challenging SEO projects at scale.” Newly earned capabilities include quickly updating on-page SEO changes, automating internal linking and implementing page speed optimizations without requiring development sources. seoClarity is partnered with more than 3,000 brands and agencies, including Samsung and Expedia, so it will be interesting to see how its new and improved platform will impact large-scale campaigns going forward.

TikTok Research Findings Reveal the Importance of the “Always Engaged” Approach: TikTok’s new data show that brands can accelerate their marketing efforts by supplementing paid and sponsored ads with organic content in an integrated strategy called the “Always Engaged” approach. According to the social media company, this strategy leverages organic and paid content to boost “brand love, recall and resonance.” This is because users are more receptive to authenticity and less instructive ads sprinkled naturally throughout a mix of organic posts. Read the full report here.

Snapchat Introduces Dynamic Ads for Travel: Snapchat makes it easier for travel brands to reach travelers through its new product Dynamic Ads for Travel. The ads will include features like advanced, intent-based audience targeting, customized catalogs for travel advertisers and locally relevant ads based on destination demand. Now that tourism seems to be bouncing back from its two-year downturn, the social media company is riding the trend by pushing more ads related to hotel deals, popular hotspots and in-demand tourist destinations in time for the summer season. With Dynamic Travel Ads, the company makes it easier for travel brands to optimize reach and boost conversions on a platform with eager-to-travel users. A company representative stated in an announcement that these ads “are driving impressive results for our partners, and we look forward to unlocking them for more businesses as the travel industry enters its busiest season.” Find out more about the ad setup guidelines here.

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